Car Removal Options

Do you wish to dispose of an old vehicle? Car removals can be quite challenging. This extract discusses the various car removal options, as well as their benefits and shortcomings. 

Selling The Vehicle

It is an ideal option if your vehicle is in repairable condition. If you own a classic car, it will fetch a fair price regardless of its condition. Advertise the car on e-commerce websites, on social media and by word of mouth. Besides, you could also post it in online car forums. Clean the car and conduct minor repairs such as engine servicing and fixing new tires. It is a sure way to increase the vehicle's market value and attract customers. 

Dismantling For Parts

Dismantling is your best bet if your vehicle's spare parts are in demand. Dismantling will yield more profit compared to selling the vehicle as a whole. However, it is stressful since you might need a mechanic or specialised tools to disassemble the car. Further, you will need to take pictures of each part and give accurate descriptions when advertising on the internet. You might also require pre-purchase inspection reports to ascertain the condition of the engine and transmission components. 

Selling To Car Removalists

Car removalists are people that sell junk vehicles as scrap metal or for parts. They are your best bet when you need instant cash on your junk car. Below are some useful tips when selling your vehicle to car removalists. 

Decide how you want to sell the vehicle. For example, if the car has an expensive or modified engine, you could remove the component and sell it separately.

If your vehicle is roadworthy, conduct minor repairs to make the car appealing. The removalist will be willing to pay more if the car is in excellent condition.

Use online resources to approximate the value of the car. It will give you the upper hand when negotiating the removalist's quote.

Call a few removal companies and ask for a quote by phone. Pit one removalist against the other and use the vehicle's features to persuade the removalist to pay more.

Always check the removalist's terms. Typically, you will be required to provide the vehicle's title and registration. Preferably, work with removalists that offer instant cash and provide free towing.

If you need to purchase a new car or used car parts, inquire whether the removalist will allow you to trade in your junk car for parts or for another car. 

Car removals should not be a daunting experience. Use the guide above to decide whether you should sell the car as a whole, dismantle it for parts or sell it to car removalists.