Top Tips When Buying A Flat Top Trailer

Do you intend to purchase a flat top trailer? Could be you need to transport your ATV or construction equipment to your site. Read the article below to learn how to buy a flat top trailer.

Intended Use

How do you intend to use the trailer? Flat top trailers come in various sizes and designs. For instance, small trailers are perfect for people that need to transport their bikes, ATVs, camping gear and light farming equipment. Some of these trailers come with side gates to prevent items from topping over as you navigate sharp corners or steep slopes. Although flat top trailers are not designed for offroad use, some may be raised to ensure you have an easy time driving through rough terrain.

Another concern should be the trailer's carrying capacity. Aluminium trailers are light. As such, they may have more payload than those manufactured from heavy materials such as pure steel. Some trailers are made from a combination of steel and aluminium. Structural components such as the frame and axles are made from steel to improve the trailer's strength and durability. Galvanised trailers are rust-resistant.

Hydraulic brakes are easy to use. However, they are not as efficient as air and electric brakes. Remember to check the hauling capacity of the vehicle that will tow the trailer. You could damage the transmission or engine or cause an accident if you exceed its towing limits.

Dealer Guarantees

Conduct some research to identify reputable flat top trailer manufacturing companies and dealers. Check the guarantees on the trailer. For instance, some companies will give free insurance, transport, service and repairs. Inquire about the availability of spare parts and repair shops in your locality. Save costs by taking advantage of seasonal sales.

Buying a Used Trailer

Used flat top trailers are ideal for people with a limited budget. Below are tips to help you purchase a used trailer. 

  1. Inspect the body and frame for signs of cracks, rust or bends.
  2. Inquire about previous use. For instance, if you need to transport farm produce, you should avoid trailers used to carry chemicals.
  3. The trailer's tires should have sufficient tread. In addition, the braking, connecting and electrical systems should be fully functional.
  4. Check the trailer's service records to identify parts that may need urgent replacement.

You should now have an easy time choosing and buying a flat top trailer. Determine its intended use, work with a reputable dealer and observe the recommended tips when buying a used trailer. Look for flat top trailers near you.