Three Major Signs That Your Gearbox Is Failing

The heftiest price that vehicle owners end up paying for ignoring signs of car malfunction, is having to replace the failed systems. One of the car systems that is crucial to its operation is the gearbox. When the gearbox and the transmission are in excellent condition, the vehicle will serve you excellently for years. On the other hand, when the system fails, you will have a troublesome vehicle to deal with and huge repair bills when it breaks down completely. Here are the three main indications that your gearbox could be failing.

A Warning on the Dashboard

The first indicator that things are not well with your vehicle is usually the dashboard warning lights. When the engine light ignites on your dashboard, you ought to figure out why, and this means taking the vehicle to an experienced auto mechanic. The cause of the light turning on could be a faulty transmission or another failure within the gearbox. You can only know when you have the system properly diagnosed.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid is another indication that your gearbox is failing. The fluid leaks when there is a weakness in a part of the system. A leak could result from a clogged filter, loose plug, worn out axles or worn out gaskets and seals. An easy test to establish if your system is leaking is placing a piece of cloth or other material under your vehicle. Leave it for a number of hours and check. If it has reddish or light brown stains, your transmission fluid is leaking. You can also use a dipstick to check the fluid levels. If they are below what is recommended, think about repairs.

Unusual Noises

A healthy gearbox emits the usual noises when in operation. If you are operating your vehicle and hear clanking or banging noises when you try to shift gears, it could be an indication of trouble. These sounds usually indicate that a part of the system has come loose and needs repair. Other related complications here include the gear shifting by itself when you are driving and odd smells emanating from the vehicle. 

The best way to fix problems with your gearbox is getting an auto mechanic to check your gearbox as soon as you suspect it could have problems. For help with gearbox repairs, see a repair professional the moment you start feeling like there is something out of the ordinary with your vehicle.