Four Things You Need To Know About Mini Crane Hire

If you have a small to mid-sized construction job with confined space then you may be in need of crane hire. However, you may be wondering if you need a large crane or whether a mini crane would do the job just as well or better. Here are four things you need to know about mini crane hire. 

1. Mini Cranes Can Do Most Of What A Large Crane Can Do

Mini cranes are mini in name and size only. When it comes to lifting and hoisting, mini cranes have all the functionality of a large crane and they can perform almost all the tasks that a large-sized crane can do. However, they are best suited for smaller load sizes.

If you have a small to medium-sized load to move then a mini crane can be hired for cheaper than regular crane hire—while still getting the job done. 

2. Mini Cranes Are Ideal For Confined Spaces

Mini cranes are specially built and designed for areas with confined access. Many construction sites have restricted access areas that a full-sized crane would not be able to fit into. In these cases, a mini crane would be the ideal hiring choice. They do not require open space and so they can be operated in rooms and spaces with roofs and ceilings. 

3. Mini Cranes Are Easy To Move 

One downside of regular crane hire is that it can be difficult and cumbersome to move a crane from location to location. Mini cranes are a lot more mobile and manoeuvrable. They are compact in size which means that they can move down narrow spaces such as corridors with ease. Smaller cranes can also get through doorways that a large crane would not be able to fit under. They can be relocated smoothly and efficiently. 

4. Mini Cranes Are Generally Safer To Use 

Although you should always have your crane operated by a person with a crane license, thus ensuring safety on your job site, mini cranes are generally even safer to use.  Some mini crane models can also be operated remotely, meaning that workers can use the cranes while still keeping a safe distance. 

Mini crane hire can be economically beneficial to your project. The hiring cost of mini cranes is lower and they use less power. If your construction project is in a confined space then a mini crane can get your job done for less. 

For more information on crane hire, contact a crane service.