How You Can Increase Your Chances of Employment by Getting a High Risk Work Licence

Competitions for jobs across Australia can be very tough, with hundreds if not thousands of applicants trying to get the same few positions. To try and get a job, most people will do almost anything to get an edge over their competitors, but many don't realise that the best edge you can have is more qualifications. More often than not, the best-qualified person will get the job, or at the very least get an interview for the role. Read More 

Aftermarket Modification Parts for a Sports Car

Very few experiences beat the feeling of rolling out of a showroom with your brand-new sports car. Therefore, the rush to enjoy your new acquisition can be understandably high. However, the rush tends to wear off after driving a sports car for some time with its stock parts intact. What seemed interesting and exciting during the first few months might start to feel boring and formulaic. What do you do about it? Read More 

A Guide On Escort Vehicles

Escort vehicles are used by people carrying oversized loads to conduct reconnaissance missions and warn other road users of an oversized load. In Australia, vehicles carrying an oversized load must have escort vehicles. Read this article to learn more about escort vehicles and how they operate. What Makes an Escort Vehicle?  The operating principle behind any escort vehicle is visibility. As such, the car should have emergency lights attached across its top. Read More 

Do You Actually Need the Car Sitting in Your Driveway?

When times are hard economically, people tend to take a close look at all of their expenditures. They may wonder whether they really need to make some payments, or whether they could get away with a simpler and more cost-effective approach in that particular area. You may be thinking along those lines if you're looking at the car sitting in your driveway. After all, it tends to sit there for rather long periods of time. Read More 

Could a Faulty Coil Be Causing Your Performance Issues?

For an internal combustion engine to operate, many different individual components have to work in perfect harmony. Fundamentally, a potent mix of fuel and air has to be ignited at just the right moment, to force the pistons to turn the engine. This act of ignition is controlled by a powerful component known as a coil and should it start to fail, many problems can materialise. What do you need to know about the ignition coil, and how can you tell if it is in need of replacement? Read More